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Recommended Wig Vendors

Since I always get a lot of asks both here and on other sites concerning where I get my wigs, here’s a comprehensive list of places I use. I’ll also put some pro’s and con’s for each!

Epic Cosplay

-These guys are my go-to vendors. They have amazingly soft wigs that also have really high fiber counts (they’re THICK) and some wonderful colors. Also, all of their wigs are heat styleable which means you can use curling irons and straighteners on them. On top of all that, they have ridiculously fast shipping! The only downside is that they’re expensive, but shipping is free!

Cosplay.com Wig Store

-Back in the day (I’m talking 2008-ish here), Cosplay.com’s wigs (then known as Cosworx) were a staple in many cosplayers’ collections. However, their quality took a nosedive, and I’d been hesitant to try them since. However, I recently took advantage of their 50% off sale and I have to say, their new line is actually pretty great! Very soft, they don’t tangle easily, and heat styleable too! The only real downside is that the wig caps are pretty small compared to most U.S. sellers, so if you have a larger head or a lot of hair, you’ll want to be careful with these.

Arda Wigs

-I’ll be honest here, I’m not as big of a fan of Arda as I used to be, but their wigs do have some benefits to them. First of all, their fibers tend to be more coarse than most other sellers I’ve used, which is fantastic for highly styled wigs. Also, their wigs are heat styleable and they’ve got larger wig caps for those with larger heads/more hair. They also have a lot of unique styles and colors, which is great if you’re looking for something out of the norm. On the downside however, they’re very expensive and customer service tends to be pretty lacking most of the time. I’ve not had any real issues with them but I have a lot of friends who have. However, they’re still high quality wigs.


-This is a new love of mine and boy are these some nice wigs! The thing that really sold me on them is how natural their fibers look in photographs, and they also have some great unique styles. They’re not based out of the U.S. so expect a bit longer shipping times but they’re worth the wait. Just keep in mind that they do have smaller wig caps than most of what you’ll get over in the States. You do have to pay shipping but it’s not too overly expensive and the wigs are fairly priced too.


As a final note, I do occasionally use Ebay when I just can’t find what I’m looking for between these four shops. However, you have to exercise a lot of caution when buying from Ebay sellers and be sure to read reviews on the products before you buy! Generally, when purchasing wigs you get what you pay for, so keep that in mind as well.

Hope this is helpful!

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